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November 10, 2020

To inspire you for the Transition: Bounce Forward project’s What...

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While the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the vulnerability and inequality experienced by many people in our communities, it has also demonstrated the potential for major and swift changes to reframe the purposes of our economy and our society.

In true Transition form our vision is not to ‘bounce back’ to how things were before. Transition groups have been crafting a vision of a better future for over a decade, that speaks to the needs for community resilience and a society with a focus on caring. So instead of bouncing back, we invite you to join with us to bounce forward.

As the first step of Transition: Bounce Forward we held four exciting online What Is events from 7th-10th September, which will be followed by further sessions looking at What If and What Next.

Transition Network supports the international Transition Movement, but because Transition originated in Britain we have continued to act as an informal Hub for groups in England and Wales. This project – working also with Transition Scotland – is aimed at individuals and groups from across Great Britain.

Watch the What is sessions here.

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Did you know there is a great organisation working with children and teachers on personal resilience called Bounce Forward?  check them out here: