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Join us for the What Next? Summit – events announced!

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Our What Next? Summit is happening in just 5 weeks time, and our exciting new platform and events calendar is now live.

The What Next? Summit will build community power across the UK by bringing together hundreds of community activists already making change happen, so together we can have a bigger impact.

It will be a space to empower us to create our own future, tap into our imagination, make new connections and share knowledge to build a stronger movement.

Over the course of three weeks we will be hosting a wide range of events and workshops. From a blizzard of inspiring stories of change happening across the world, to mapping the plethora of community groups and projects already making change happen in the UK. From workshop series on the new economy, participatory democracy and community organising, to inspiring speakers such as Kate Raworth, Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan and Carne Ross helping us explore how the power of imagination can transform our current practice. We will be running a whole day to imagine and co-create our ideal UK in our ‘Pop up 2030’ event, as well as finishing the Summit with a weekend of practically planning next steps and ways to work together more effectively as a movement over the coming months and years.

We will also host a Summit Fringe throughout the whole conference to enable to you connect and chat with other participants and host your own conversations and events. This will all be taking place on our exciting new Nudj platform, where you can find our live events calendar, connect with other summit participants and explore existing new ways to work together.

Check out our events calendar below.

What Next? Summit Calendar

Sign up here.

If you have any problems signing up contact mikee@thesocialchangeagency.org

Once you have signed up you can then login here.

For more info check out our FAQ.

We have also produced a short video that gives you an overview of the Losing Control Platform that we are using to host the summit here.

We look forward to seeing you at the Summit.


Tuesday 8th June 2021, 20:52:11

Especially seeing as the What Next Summit was sooooo inspiring!!! xxxxx

Tuesday 8th June 2021, 20:50:47

Can't wait to 'relocate environmentalism' along with councillors who say they are working for social justice and more. Looking forward to at least having a discussion with a possiblility of being heard and therefore seeing Real Change - very soon. Why aren't we working together yet?

Tuesday 8th June 2021, 10:29:06

Food, glorious food! Absolutely! There is so much celebration, conversation and literal nourishment (!) in food. Thanks for posting your comment. Can't see the link in the comment, so I'll dig it out and share on socials. Richard (TBF Team)

Monday 7th June 2021, 10:20:45

This is fantastic and I could not agree more. Just to add, food is a fantastic material through which much of this can happen. For more please see the food ladders framework available in the link below. There are so many people doing this to add strength to their communities this way and we need to make them visible.

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